Small crane industry first brand-FEI WAN DA Small crane
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1)Handy to move
2)Succinct installation
3)Easy to operate
4)Move with a high-speed
5)Extensive applicability
.Mobile phone:8618610042163 mobile:86 13466697968

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models adn pricesModels and prices
Models and prices
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FEIWANDA F3M latest type of small crane

  Little by F3M type crane split type of super gear motor magnetic entangle lifting 850 kilograms。With antiskid brake control system, and the auxiliary (EBA) balance by stable system,With automatic rope system (EBD) and power system ZBS (automatic lock),、Use saddles and manual two switch system,Can upstairs and downstair remote control crane,Safety and applicability of hoisting machine is 10 times.F3M picturesF3M type simulation demonstrates F3N type animated simulationsF3M technology parameters,Through the graphics and animation to understand the details.The installation drawing machines

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